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Power Automate

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SmartCRM - Process4People


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Our approach

Our approach is simple. Let’s get a solution the quickest way possible with a maximum of return on the money spend. We’re specialized in bringing the newest (Microsoft) technologies to you, without the risk associated with new technology. When engaging with us, we follow the steps as shown below.

The way to success

Approach - Presentation - Oplossingen | Process4People

Presentation of our solutions

Impression Approach - Oplossingen | Process4People

Impression and budget indication

Requirement - Approach | Process4People

Requirement workshop

Planning - Approach | Process4People

Planning & budget approval

Agile Approach | Process4People

(Agile) Project

Implementation Approach | Process4People

Implementation and training to customer

Maintenance - Approach | Process4People

Maintenance and support