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Power BI

Business Intelligence or shortly BI, stands for smart ways to analyze your data. With the information that you have obtained from analyzing your data you can improve your daily business processes. BI enables you to take a look into the future, other than only looking back.

Power BI (from Microsoft) is a business analysis solution that allows you to visualize your data and share insights throughout your organization or embed it in your app or website. Connect to and combine hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

Power BI can be integrated with other utilities, including Microsoft Excel, Power Apps, Power Automate and SharePoint so you can get started quickly. You can use Power BI seamlessly with your existing solutions.

How companies can use BI to make the right decisions:
• Predict the future
• Insight into possible business risks
• Insight into investment opportunities
• Get a grip on your costs
• Enable a data driven organization with easy KPI management

Your challenge

The speed with which you are able to make decisions is becoming increasingly important. Market conditions, expectations from customers and suppliers, and technical developments are constantly changing at a rapid pace. Entrepreneurs must be able to respond to this very quickly. Is the demand for certain product decreasing or increasing? Are purchasing prices rising? Do you see new opportunities? When these developments take place, you want to be able to respond immediately. The only condition is that you have insight into this information. Business Intelligence software supports you in this process. With Power BI you can see chances on time, and you can continuously improve your organization.

Our solution

Your organization is ready for a BI solution when you have more data than you can oversee when making decisions. With a good BI solution, you can make decisions based on facts and correct information.

Process4People creates your BI solution for you with Power BI from Microsoft.  With Microsoft Power Automate you can get immediate messages when KPI are not met. Making sure you can act on the data. Also we create Power Apps in Power BI so you can interact with your data and update back end systems.

Real world examples

PowerApp in PowerBI | Process4People