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Power Automate

Power Automate is the most unknown and underestimated tool that you already have… Go to flow.microsoft.com and be amazed that you already paying for this tool via your Office 365 subscription. For instance, Microsoft Power Automate enables you to automate those big and small repetitive tasks. Or you can automate and control complete Business Process flows across multiple applications (for example: employee onboarding). This starts in your recruitment software and then flows to your HR, ERP and MES system. Normally, this would mean a lot of typing and copying. But not with Microsoft Power Automate! With this software you can automate, control and monitor this process, so you can focus on activities that are meaningful and valuable to you company.

And the best thing? Power Automate is out-of-the-box integrated with over 220 systems that you use already. Examples include: Office 365 Mail, SharePoint, Twitter, Excel, All Dynamics 365 Applications (like Business Central, Finance and Operations, Talent etc.), SQL databases, Access, Salesforce and many more. Do not worry if your software is not mentioned, we can connect quickly to most modern software applications.

Your challenge

We have become so good at remembering tasks across pen and paper, Wunderlist and flagged emails. And remembering which version of the document was final. Was it v5 or v5.1?

Is this the best use of our brain cycles? What if something could do this automatically?

Automate your mundane tasks so you can focus on real work. Human beings are great systems integrators today. We constantly move information around, from our phones to our PCs, to our ‘data systems’ that range from a new SaaS tool, to pen and paper. We receive input or a notification on one of our devices, and we cascade it into another routine action.

Some real-life examples:

  • Your team is constantly meeting people at events and following up over email. You want to ensure that you do not miss any of these leads, but re-typing information from emails into your CRM system is tedious.
  • You work with agencies who create content and upload large files to OneDrive or Dropbox accounts. Your team wants to know when the latest files will arrive, without having to check every 30 minutes, and then you want to transfer a backup to a save cloud storage as soon as it comes through to ensure you don’t lose any valuable work.
  • You get hundreds of emails every day, and your notification options are all-or-nothing. It’s hard to keep up with all that traffic when you are travelling. You would like to get an SMS when specific people like your boss or a key customer prospect reaches out directly to you.

However, humans are not efficient system integrators.  What if we could automate these processes?

Most of these systems are seen as “not designed to work with each other” and integration projects between these systems will quickly become complex IT projects that take a long time to execute and require deep integration expertise. What if we could automate routine tasks to be more efficient as a business user? What if we could enable new uses and accomplish things, we can’t currently do today by relying on powerful process automation that does not require length IT projects?

Our solution

Below just a few examples of how we use Power Automate in our projects:

Get notifications

  • Example: Receive a WhatsApp message when a customer reaches their credit limit

Copy files

  • Example: Automatically move files from Dropbox to SharePoint / OneDrive and v.v.
  • Example: Send and receive EDI files

Collect data and Integrations

  • Example: Integrate Dynamics NAV / Business Central with SharePoint without the need of an Add-On by a third-party ISV

Automate approvals

  • Example: Approve purchase invoices
  • Example: Approve and check new customer before shipping of goods

Need more inspiration? Visit: emea.flow.microsoft.com/en-us/templates

Real world examples