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Portals & SharePoint

Self Service has been a trend for many users. Allowing your customers to see and act on their ‘data’. See the status of their order, change their address or search a knowledge base are just some examples of where portals can be used. While GDPR and transparency are becoming more and more important, portals can also be a way to show customers what data of them you have on record.

While SharePoint and Portals have been synonyms for a long time, current technology enables us to move away from SharePoint as a front-end tool or UI to your employees. Not something many would regret. Nowadays we use SharePoint more and more to ‘just’ store documents and use tools like Power Apps and Power Apps Portal to build the UI.

Your challenge

You want to build a portal for your customers, but do not want to:

  • Invest heavily in a new platform
  • Have to buy an expensive license for the people that login to the portal
  • Learn a new platform
  • Explain your database structure to a non-Microsoft Partner

Our solution

We have got you covered. We understand all (Microsoft) ERP and CRM systems and how they store data.  We use the Power Platform by Microsoft to extract the data from your current system and show to your customer.

We have already built portals that are used by many employees and customers. Please see below for some examples.

Real world examples

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