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Flexible ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software can significantly improve your operations and add real value to your business. Unfortunately, we have also witnessed that ERP can restrict your business when you need to grow or expand your operations.

A modern ERP system should be one that enables an organization to grow and change exponentially. To support this, your ERP system should be flexible, scalable and adaptable as your company grows.

Your challenge

In the past, every process was put into an ERP system. This often resulted in many changes and expensive customization. Next to this, the system was written in the existing code, which resulted in problems when the system was updated. Namely, that customization no longer fit on the foundation that was build. Moreover, customization in ERP is expensive and often makes upgrades unaffordable. Lastly, for many ‘light users’, like employees that are always on the move, an ERP system is not easy to use. It is often difficult to connect with the system or it doesn’t work on a mobile phone.

Flexible ERP is easy-to-use software that works both online and offline. It’s ideal for:

  • Non-frequent users
  • Traveling users
  • Employees who work in places where there is little network coverage (e.g. inspections in basements or on the countryside)
  • Management

Our solution

Welcome to the new world of ERP systems! Flexible ERP is a solution for employees that are always on the move and do not use a laptop that much. This solution allows business processes to take place outside of the ERP system, but it does use the ERP data. In this way there is no longer a problem when there is an upgrade. Furthermore, flexible ERP is much more user-friendly.

Process4People has many processes ready in the form of an App, and sometimes we make some additional adjustments. Visit this page for a full overview of all the Apps that we have created.

How do we do that? By using the power of the Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps and Power Automate. We connect with the ERP systems from Microsoft, Exact, SAP and many more. If there is some kind of API we can use. With the new Common Data Service connecting is easier than ever.

Real world examples