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Never heard of a bot? In fact, a ‘bot’ is a ‘software robot’, it has no physical possibilities of moving. The bot software automates a certain repetitive task. For instance, the majority of question you get as an organization are repetitive. Examples like: What is the delivery date of my sales order? When will the service engineer be onsite? Or ‘internal’ questions like: What is the credit limit for that customer? What is the status that specific opportunity?

All these questions can be answered by a chatbot by connecting to your back end system, like an existing ERP or CRM system.

When a chatbot is used, there is no complicated user interface, such as with an App. The customer or employees will have a conversation with a bot, by speech or by chatting. Bots are developed with a seamless integration between the Microsoft Bot Framework and known messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etcetera.

A bot can continue to optimize itself through machine learning. In machine learning, patterns are detected and recognized. Normally you have to do this yourself as a person, but with machine learning the bot can learn from itself.

Your challenge

One of the typical user cases for a bot is a ‘Customer Service Assistant’, where the bot answers questions from a customer. This can be in the form of an online chatbot or a voice answering bot. On websites such questions and answers are often listed under frequently asked questions (FAQ). With the Microsoft Bot software combined with the Azure Bot Service, the page of FAQ can easily be made available in a bot. Building this bot is therefore no more than a few days of work!

Our solution

Process4People can help you with the combination of the Microsoft Bot Framework and QnA Maker. This will enable you as an organization to start using a chatbot or voice answering bot to make it easier for your customers to ask you questions. And with that improve customer satisfaction and relieve you customer service agents. When it is desirable that a bot is even more intelligent and ‘understands’ what the user means by a particular question, we have the option to use the Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS). This service can understand the intention of a user’s question. LUIS makes it possible to implement richer conversations in a bot.

Real world examples